March Update

Let Spring Begin!

Are you ready to stop hiding under covers, puffy jackets, and warm hats? Are you counting down the days until you can get outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of spring? We are, too.

We’ve had our fill of enjoying the most wonderful time of the year and we’re ready to see the doors open. There’s nothing like the fresh spring breeze rushing into the gym while you workout. We’re excited for Mother Nature to bring on spring!

CrossFit Open

The 2018 CrossFit Nexus Intramural Open is now well underway! We have Week 1 under our belts and had an amazing turnout last Friday, with nearly 50 athletes completing the workout. Thanks to our great community, we were well prepared for what Castro threw our way. Let’s have even more fun tonight!

A super big thanks to Jon Stevens for the wonderful sound equipment to enjoy and push us through the workout. We are also so grateful for Joe Fish and David Gutierrez for lending us their rowers, making the evening run so smoothly. And let’s never forget our repeat Judges that took extra time from their schedules to make sure we all got to participate. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Now, for what you all really care about: the scoring for Week 1…

In scoring, we value the spirit points the most. We take into account the entire week of each Open workout, from social media posts, to team participation and to individual creativity tied to the theme.

Team scores* (through week 1):
Rowing Painz – 27 points
Shrug Life – 26 points
WOD Ninjas – 23 points
Snatchtastics – 21 points

Note: These points include participation in the WOD, top individuals in divisions, weekly Team Spirit Award, and weekly challenge points.

Upcoming Open Weeks:

Four weeks remain in the Open.
The Open starts during the 5:30 pm class now, instead of the 6:30 pm.
Watch parties will start at 7:00 pm instead of 7:30 pm.
Spirit days remaining:
18.2: 90’s Grunge
18.3: Tie Dye
18.4: Harry Potter
18.5 Team Spirit

Open featured team weeks:
18.2: WOD Ninjas
18.3: Rowing Painz
18.4: Shrug Life
18.5: Snatchtastics

Thursday Throwdowns remaining:
18.3: Battle of the Sexes
18.4 Yin vs. Yang
18.5 Battle of the Coaches

Bring a Buddy: March 13

Tuesday community workout March 13th! Invite your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers to join you for a workout at your favorite gym. Please let the coaches know how many you intend on bringing and which class they will be attending with you.

Breathe: Energy + Breathwork Class
Sunday, March 18 at 2 pm with Josh Solar

Josh will talk about how our breath can be used as a tool to not only relax, but awaken our body’s natural healing powers. He’ll also be doing a 45 minute guided group meditation where we’ll practice the methods together, followed by a Q + A session that will last as long as you have questions.

Bring open hearts, deep breaths, and a yoga mat!

Spring Barbell Club with Coach Sam

Dive deep into Olympic lifting breaking down the snatch, as well as the clean and jerk. Focus on building a better understanding of the technique through movement drills, video analysis and skill development. Develop strength and power to maximize performance and hit new personal records.

Beginning April 17


Spring Endurance Club with Coach Trey

Improve your running technique, efficiency, overall stamina and endurance over the course of this 6-week class. Meet twice a week to work skills and drills, then enjoy additional homework and workouts to help you outside of class. Become a better, faster, injury-proof runner and really develop your engine.

Beginning April 17

More Upcoming Events


Bring a Buddy Day: March 13
Breathwork Class with Josh: March 18 @ 2 pm
Thursday Open Watch Parties: February 22 – March 22
Friday Night Lights: February 23 – March 23


Endurance Clinic: April 7 @ 10:30 am
Barbell Clinic: April 14 @ 10:30 am
Endurance Club: April 17 – May 24
T & TH @ 5:30 pm
Barbell Club: April 17 – May 24
T & TH @ 5:30 pm
Push-up Challenge: All April
Nexus Community Clean a Park Project: April – TBD
Advanced Theory Course: TBD

Coming Soon:
Float Trip: June – TBD

Featured Athlete: Stephanie Pearce
Meet March’s Athlete of the Month, Stephanie Pearce. Stephanie has been with CrossFit Nexus since its birth. She embodies all of the values of Nexus. Stephanie strives to better her nutrition, mind and body. Making the connections between all three to live a life of health and happiness.

Stephanie is also the athlete that goes above and beyond to know everyone. In class or in the gym, she greets you with that infectious smile and takes a real interest in you and how you’re doing. She truly embodies the community of support that CrossFit Nexus strives for.

Read Stephanie’s Story:

“What brought me to CrossFit? I had done some functional training in the past, and I had heard of CrossFit but never tried it (I admit I was one of those people that made fun of it, oops!). Two years ago I saw a Facebook post saying there was CrossFit in Belton and I had to check it out for myself.

What was my first impression and how has it changed? The first one is funny – I was surprised at how young my coaches were and surprised to see that one of my high school classmates was their business partner (I went to a small school). Also, I felt REALLY out of shape after the first few workouts. After a few classes, I realized how much thought Trey and Ashleigh put into their gym, and how much they wanted to get to know their members. They have always asked how I feel about things, and how I’m doing. I appreciate how much they care about all of us.

What was my first “bright spot”? Oh man, it’s been awhile now so I’m not sure if it’s the first, but I remember being very excited the first time I cleaned 85 pounds. That was huge for me.

Right now I’m working on consistency – training and nutrition. Between regular class attendance and nutrition coaching with Sam, I’m having some great results. Losing weight and gaining strength!

There are too many favorite Nexus memories to count, but I will say that my favorite times are when we pack the gym to do a hero WOD. There is a special energy in the box on those days.”

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