February Update

Hello February! Chapter 2 of 12

It’s CrossFit Open Season! We have a lot (seriously more than ever, though I say that every month) in the works, but much of it has kind of taken a backseat to preparing for our Open Intramural Competition, so this update will be a bit shorter than last month, but just as cool I promise! Be sure to read all the way down and mark your calendars with all the great events coming up!


It’s that time of year! The Open is upon us and it’s time to sign up! If you didn’t already know, this is CrossFit Nexus’ second time hosting an in-house Intramural Competition that aligns with the CrossFit Open.

We started this tradition last year to increase participation and excitement for the Open, which was largely seen as a “competitors only” event. The Open really is for everyone, and our in-house event makes the 5 weeks a fun way to push yourself a little harder and get to know your fellow athletes.

To learn more about how the Intramural works, check out our Facebook event page. Our captains have been picked, and Open season kicked off this Wednesday, January 31st with the Live draft. You can catch the replay on Facebook!

If you haven’t already, sign-up online here. If Facebook is any indication, the captains are preparing for a very sneaky recruitment of the remaining gym athletes this year.

“Thursday Watch Parties” will begin February 22nd!
Each Thursday (Feb 22, Mar 1, Mar 8, Mar 15, and Mar 22) at 7:30 PM we will have watch parties for the Open WOD announcement at the gym. It’s not required to come but we have a fantastic time talking and strategizing before others see the workout. (We may even have some additional fun planned for those nights – stay tuned!)

“Friday Night Lights” Events begin Friday February 23rd at 6:30 PM and continue until March 23rd.
You must be registered to participate in the Intramural Open to do Friday Night Lights! Come in dressed in your team’s colors and show your team pride. You will complete the Open workout Friday night. We will not be holding a regularly scheduled 6:30 PM class time from Feb 23rd – Mar 23rd. All other Friday classes will be the regularly scheduled Nexus programmed WODs, not the Open WOD.

Can’t Attend Testing Day?
If you miss Friday’s event you can do it on Saturday also. Saturdays will be reserved for make-up Open workouts ONLY.


The course has begun! Take advantage of the ones that remain.
Each week, we’ll focus on a skill you’ll (probably) see in the Open.

February 2nd: Bar Skills – Kipping for pull-ups and TTB, butterfly pull-ups, transitions for muscle-ups

February 9th: Efficiency – barbell and dumbbell cycling

February 16th: Double-unders, handstand pushups, burpee and box Jump efficiency

Then we’ll perform a workout from a previous Open, so you can get a taste of what collaborative competition is really like.
Between classes, you’ll be given some basic homework to complete on your own at home. You will have access to instructional videos from our coaches and other experts; get nutritional guidance for competition; and earn our Intramural Prep Badge!

You can sign-up for the ones you want help with the most.
They are $15/each.

SIGN-UP THE OPEN PREP COURSE SESSIONS HERE: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=13064086

Bring a Friend: February 15

Thursday community workout February 15th! Invite your friends, family, neighbors or coworkers to join you for a workout at your favorite gym. Please let the coaches know how many you intend on bringing and which class they will be attending with you.


More Upcoming Events
Intramural Open Prep Course: January 26 – February 16
Intramural Open Registration: January 31 – February 20
Bring a Friend Day: February 15
Thursday Open Watch Parties: February 22 – March 22
Friday Night Lights: February 23 – March 23
Coming in Spring: Endurance & Barbell Clubs, Advanced Theory Course

Featured Athlete: Matt Pruett
Meet February’s Athlete of the Month, Matt Pruett. Matt won our “Most Improved Male of the Year” award at Nexus’ fanciest party. He’s committed to improving his health and fitness. Not only do his coaches see it but so does the community that loves him.

“What brought me to CrossFit? Well, Ashley started doing crossfit before we met and after watching the games with her, I became intrigued and decided to give it a shot!

It was a big change from what I was used to. I was always the person who wanted to be left alone with just my music and my workout! Now, I love the community, the camaraderie, and I can’t imagine going back!

What was my first “bright spot”? Not sure if it was my FIRST one, but after being here for less than 2 months, I survived last year’s 12 days of Christmas WOD! Now I’m working on kipping HSPUs and stringing together pull-ups.

My favorite Nexus memory was probably doing my first real snatch during an open workout last year.”

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